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About us


We don’t have to agree on everything.
However, we hope we can all agree that
Jesus and Izzy are awesome!


We’re sharing some info about ourselves and our company. However, IzzyandMe.com is not about us. It’s all about delivering JOY through our products. And our products are all about you! We’ve brought them to you to help you encourage your children to build and maintain a unique and personal relationship with God!

THANK YOU for purchasing our products, and for supporting our families and the communities and charities we serve!


Julia and James Dillon felt a strong calling to help keep Christ in Christmas, Easter, and everyday life. So, in the summer of 2016, they co-created and co-founded Enlightened Little Souls, Inc. (ELS) – a social purpose company dedicated to doing just that!

A social purpose company exists to do more than simply earn a profit. We care about other things, too, like helping one another to learn to respect a diversity of religious and political views. And like caring for one another whenever God provides us with the means to do so.

Thank you for visiting IZZYandMe.com, where ELS shares the work of our talented team!

With love and a sincere intention, and deference to parental guidance and supervision, we seek to engage children and adults with interactive, entertaining, and enlightening learning experiences. We strive to captivate the imagination of adults and children alike, and to help deepen personal relationships with the Divine!

We feel truly blessed to pursue this calling.

If our work provides any joy or brings a smile to your face, it does so by the amazing grace of God. To the DIVINE CREATOR OR ALL THINGS goes the glory!


When our social purpose endeavor generates profits, we share them. We provide employment, help feed hungry children and help provide basic needs to those less fortunate by donating to charities.

Whenever any of that happens, it means you made it possible! So, thank you!

By your gracious support, the entire Enlightened Little Souls team and the children and communities we help support are sustained!

We hope our products inspire LOVE of God and family, and of everyone and everything precious in the world.

Thank you for visiting with and supporting us!

About us

We believe a simple smile has the power to change the world, so we dedicate ourselves to sparking joy in everyone we meet! We strive to provide a healthy, respectful, productive workplace and we do our best to partner with those who do the same. We strive to work with environmentally responsible manufacturers that respect human rights and child labor laws. We support our local communities, starting with our own team members and their families. We do our best to aid those in need and provide material support and spiritual sustenance to those experiencing hardship. We believe in the power of words and positive affirmations. We strive to live intentionally, every day, in every way. We respect the right of each individual to follow their own path, wherever it may lead them.

Julia Dillon and James Dillon

Authors turned Ambassadors for
have created a wonderful assortment of UPLIFTING GIFT SETS.


Julia and James recently renewed their wedding vows at Saint Raphael Catholic Church in Koloa on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii

meet our team

Ashlee B
Ashlee B
HR Director
Dani A.
Dani A.
Videographer & Photographer
Fatema R.
Fatema R.
Web Developer
Remus Vargas
Remus Vargas
Social Media Specialist
Sasa B.
Sasa B.
Graphic Artist & Illustrator
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tommy C
Tommy C
Lead Animator
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