This egg represents 100 million dollars. Every day the United States taxpayer spends 24 hundred million dollars on weapons and war. If we stop spending 24 hundred million dollars each day on weapons and war and just spent twenty-three hundred million dollars a day we could end world hunger forever. Stop for just one hour […]


Daddy, do you really have to work today? Yes, Danny cannot be with you at all times, but HE can. I’m not afraid anymore Daddy. If you bring Him everyday to you life you will never be alone.

Hi we’re the Dillons and like you we love Christmas! We love Santa, the tree, the presents and the sheer joy of America’s favorite holiday. We sure do! However what makes Christmas truly special for us is we get to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But too much of that Christian magic is being crowded […]

Jesus Doll For Sale

For decades children have played with dolls and encouraged them to grow up too fast with toy GI soldiers loaded down with guns and weapons of war. So we thought wouldn’t it be great if they had a more spiritually uplifting companion to emulate and someone a lot more fun to interact with at the […]

Every year on Christmas morning you and your family can share the joy of Jesus leaping off the page and eye-popping 3d illustration. As he personally tells the story of the Nativity and shares his essential teachings in a sweet and charming first-person narrative. Keep Christ in Christmas serves as a lovely reminder of the […]