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JESUS UNDER THE TREE! Family Advent Story Coloring Book & Movie

JESUS UNDER THE TREE! A Magical “Keep Christ in Christmas ADVENTure!” An IMAGINATIVE and Bible-based CHRISTMAS Classic Children’s Coloring book, plus: APP, Online movie, downloadable coloring pages, and online fun!

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  • A CAPTIVATING AND IMAGINATIVE TIME TRAVEL Christmas coloring book for young children (crayon) and adults (colored pencils)! It will delight the entire family! It’s a rhyme for all time with the lyrical appeal of a Christmas Classic and all the spiritual truth of a Bible-based devotional.
  • FROM THE CREATORS OF THE FUN WITH THE SON™ Gift set, color this story of how on a magical Christmas Eve, Santa and Izzy the pocket mouse, found YOU-KNOW-WHO under the tree! Super high-quality print and paper!
  • IZZY HAS SINCE BECOME A CARPENTER’S APPRENTICE! She and her very magical friends literally “take off” in Santa’s sleigh. Jesus holds the reigns, and Santa takes a back seat! They all travel back in time and learn from Jesus Himself the first chapter of The Greatest Story Ever Told!
  • NEXT, IZZY AND FRIENDS VISIT OLD JERUSALEM and hear from Jesus exactly how to follow in His footsteps! These life-lessons, taken straight from scripture, convey universal messages of love, faith, hope, and charity!
  • INCLUDES IZZY’S PLAYHOUSE ACTIVITIES AND VIDEOS, APP, and unlimited downloads! Perforated pages tear out for easy display or mailing! Fun and educational: Reinforce the story of the Nativity with “muscle memory!”
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“It’s a wonderful Colored Pencil or Crayon Coloring Book! Get it today!”

JESUS UNDER THE TREE! will entertain, inspire, and perhaps most importantly, delight family members of all ages. Watch the movie version online after purchase – color the pages like the full color version of the Classic Children’s Christmas book or the movie!

Simply put: “WOW!”

“It’s dazzling! Beautiful!”

 “Absolutely captivating!”

JESUS UNDER THE TREE! An inspiration for virtually all ages, 3 and up!

Start this ADVENT season right: Get it now!

Set the proper spiritual tone this season!

Provide inspiration by presenting the essential teachings of Jesus today!

Preserve all the fun and charm of the world’s favorite holiday, complete with Santa and his reindeer and sleigh, and put JESUS UNDER THE TREE!

Limited first edition printing, so: Get this new, instant Classic Christmas coloring book now!

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