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Soft-n-Cuddly Star of the Book and Movie: JESUS UNDER THE TREE! The Movie, IZZY and Me Playhouse, and Magical Christmas Coloring APP are included!

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  • PLUSH IZZY MOUSE STARS IN JESUS UNDER THE TREE! A hardcover classic book and family Christmas movie. The movie and IZZY’s Magical Playhouse activities are included with purchase. See instructions on her tag.
  • IZZY IS A CARPENTER’s APPRENTICE. She was Santa’s Pocket Mouse, and she and St. Nick found Jesus under the Christmas Tree! Then IZZY and friends went on a time travel adventure to learn the story of the Nativity and Jesus’ teachings!
  • DESIGNED WITH LOVE AND REVERENCE FOR THE LORD’s LITTLEST SERVANTS! She’s a super high-quality plush mouse and she will provide endless joy and inspiration year ‘round!
  • Play: I FOUND IZZY! – IT’S FUN AND EASY! A faith-filled alternative to the ELF! Just pose and move your plush IZZY doll around the house. When she shows up in unexpected places, the family member who finds her shouts out: “I FOUND IZZY!” Later, move her back to her visible place of honor and later hide her again! Add a prize or treat for finding her! Engage with Jesus’ apprentice every day!
  • INCLUDES IZZY’S PLAYHOUSE ACTIVITIES, VIDEOS, APP, and unlimited downloads! A $49.88/year Value INCLUDED!
  • Fun and educational: Reinforce the story with an in-depth study for adults that starts in the Glossary of the book and continues online (for adults and supervised children).
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product specifications

Age Appropriate Ages 3-103!
Size 12" tall
Special Features Poseable, Soft & Huggable!
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Grown-up-looking dolls and gun-toting action figures may be delivering messages to your children that you do not approve. After all, toys are teachers! And, for better or worse, our teachers contribute to the development of our character as we grow up. They can also impact how we see ourselves and others, from impacting our body image, to our view of the use of violence. So, we must choose all of our children’s teachers and role models wisely.

What better teacher or role model than a Carpenter’s Apprentice who studies under Jesus?

What better reminder of Him than our huggable, plush Izzy: A Carpenter’s Apprentice® mouse doll?

Our happy, soft, cuddly IZZY MOUSE STUFFED DOLL is not just another toy or casual plaything. IZZY is MUCH MORE and should be treated with the love and respect befitting an image of a servant of the Lord! She’s a lovingly designed, super high quality, powerful teaching tool!

Your Enlightened Little Souls, IZZY MOUSE doll represents a constant reminder of the presence of the DIVINE in our daily lives! With her, and all of our products and online support materials, it is easier and much more fun to reinforce FAITH in God and help build great Christ-inspired character in children!

What better sight than that of a happy child, smiling?

Let’s use our Izzy stuffed mouse doll, and I FOUND IZZY!® Hide-n-Seek game to promote this message: Faith is Fun!

Let’s reach our children now! Let’s lead by example and play I FOUND IZZY! with them, too!




Are you wondering if your ENLIGHTENED LITTLE SOULS® IZZY MOUSE STUFFED DOLL is age-appropriate for someone in your life?

Well then, please consider this: A lifetime of imaginative play and creative visualization begins in childhood and persists throughout adulthood. As children grow into elementary school age and become pre-teens and young adults, they often start to emulate their favorite heroes more actively. Be the role models movie stars, action or sports figures or spiritual teachers, influencers influence! So, it’s essential to help them choose their heroes (and pretend playmates) wisely.

What better companion and source of inspiration than a servant and apprentice of Jesus? And what better time to start a fun, new relationship with Him than right now?

CHILDREN REMEMBER FUN EXPERIENCES, and they bind with you when you play WITH them!

Here’s something else to consider: Imaginative daydreaming continues throughout teenage years and even during adulthood! In these trying times, we all need a visible reminder of DIVINE LOVE in our lives, don’t we?

So, why wait? Get your Enlightened Little Souls, Izzy plush mouse doll now!

* Enlightened Little Souls is a registered trademark of the Enlightened Little Souls, Inc. All Rights Reserved. FUN WITH THE SON® is a registered Trademark of Enlightened Little Souls, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Neither Enlightened Little Souls, Inc. or the Enlightened Little Souls Jesus Doll is affiliated in any way with The Elf on the Shelf. The Elf on the Shelf® is a registered trademark of CCA & B LLC.


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